VHS or DVD Format
Personalized Video's can be created from your :camcorder footage                                                        photograph's
                                                       8mm reels. 

The production process is digital and computer generated

Once the editing is finished: Titles (full screen or video overlay),
                                          Sound Effects,
                                          Background Music
can be added to suit your individual needs 
Most popular video production:

The 'Tribute Video'
Collect photograph's that tell the desired story;
arrange the photograph's in the order you wish for them to apprear, numbering each on back. 
Attach a descriptive note to each photo that you would like to appear with a title.
Select music to be played in the background.
Make an appointment to submit these item's
to have your personalized video produced

All video's come with a personalized video jacket, as well.
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Order Copies
  Starting at
$2.50/ Photo
$100 minimum
For larger projects or those with special needs, contact Jamie for a price quote
.Makes great gifts they will cherish forever !
Imagination X 2 Videography
Sporting Events
Imagination X 2 Videography
Sporting Events
Agility Video Pricing
Sporting Events
Contact Jamie to videotape any sporting event, whether it's for a certain individual, group,  or team,
I've got you covered.

Relive the victory, learn from your mistakes, share it with friends or family that could not make it to see the action in person.  For what ever the reason, Jamie's Video goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure your personalized interests are met.