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The Autobiography can be of yourself or someone else.  It can even be of your pet.
     Start out by collecting substantial information to detail your story.  You may want to write out an outline or script to help you remember it all.  You may wish to include photograph's and camcorder footage to the production, or create reinactments.
    I will then videotape you telling your story.  At that time you may have certain items or reinactments taped, also. 
     In the production process; editing will be conducted, titles and music added, voice-overs are another option if desired.
Video's of this nature are the ultimate keepsake that will be enjoyed for generations to come. 
     So many of you have legacies that need to be passed on.  Especially veterans who were involved in combat, it's an area not many experience, yet, want to know what it was like.  Think of the young ones, or even the un-thought-of; one day asking, "what was Grandpa (or whom ever) like?". Wouldn't it be great to be able to pop in a video that tells their story in order to answer that question! 
The video not only tells their story, but you can see them, hear their voice, get to know their personality.  
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After the video taping is completed,
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